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Help us Bring 2 Amphibious Truxors (click for video) to help control invasive phragmites (click for info)
we are: the Oliphant Fishing Islands Phragmites Community group

1.Cost: 2 days, 2 Truxors + crew + travel to cut invasive Phragmites australis and transport to shore of adjacent island = $15,000

When: cutting to take place early August 2018

Why: Only mechanical methods (no herbicides) are legally permitted to control invasive Phragmites in water in Ontario. In 2017 we spent 600 hours to cut, transport to island shoreline, and burn. We used our 3 STIHL gas powered cutters. 46 volunteers put in a lot of HARD WORK!
Please click here to see video of us working on the stand of Phragmites we need the Truxors to cut.
We tried last year but in the centre it is just too dense for us to cut.

phrag2              phrag3

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Phragmites australis has been called the most invasive plant in Canada


Invasive Phragmites is causing tremendous damage in the Fishing Islands


Phragmites crowds out native plants, destroys habitat of fish, birds, reptiles, is a fire hazard, drops property values.


We cut a large % of the Phragmites we targeted in 2017 but need help with this giant stand.

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