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Employment Opportunity




Job Offering: Eco Technician

Rate: $16/hr

Start date: July 4

Length of contract: 7 weeks @ 37.5 hours/week


This position focuses on promoting conservation and best use of a key natural resource on the Bruce Peninsula: our agricultural soil and water resources, with supervision by Neils Munk. There will be a range of activities, with support from a variety of project leads. Overall supervision will be by Victoria Serda, the Executive Director.


In July, the primary tasks will be (i) assist with agricultural demonstrations by site preparation, organization of volunteers and plant materials, planting trees and shrubs, and assisting with the construction of solar-powered cattle watering systems (ii) assist in organization of Pasture Meeting and demonstration site tours (iii) participate in the monitoring of agricultural demonstrations with water sampling and data collection (iv) perform outreach activities through press and social media regarding our red headed woodpecker program and climate action plan.


In August the primary tasks will be water sampling, riparian buffer planting coordination, bioremediation, climate action plan implementation and red headed woodpecker tracking and monitoring. The Biosphere Association has promoted agricultural best management practices in both crop and livestock operations through creation of several demonstration sites. In 2022 we will been listing farmers to reduce soil erosion by planting living fences and riparian vegetation, installing solar powered cattle watering systems with fencing to exclude cattle from streams. Once installed, these demonstrations will be monitored and used to promote adoption of this BMP by other farmers through presentations at Pasture Meetings, by site tours, and in our Community of Practice social media. This position supports three local priorities: it takes place on the Bruce Peninsula, a priority location, it supports a high priority rural area, and it supports the agricultural sector in the uptake of best management practices to conserve our soil resource. This position contributes to strengthening two key sectors: the agricultural sector benefits from improved soil conservation which affects farm profits and farm environmental plans.


There will be some involvement with other projects of the BPBA, but this will be agreed upon and discussed as time moves on.


To apply, please email CV/resume and cover letter to Victoria Serda, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Job Offering: Bird Species at Risk Junior Scientist  
Start Date and Salary: Depends upon funding approval


If you love birds and have an interest in bird population monitoring and preserving important habitat consider applying for this unique position. Our experienced volunteers will assist in orienting you to this important work on the Northern Bruce Peninsula
When Red-Headed Woodpeckers were declared an endangered species, the Biosphere Association -- with the help of Dr. Elizabeth Gow (Birds Canada, University of Guelph) and Olivia Wilson (Ecosystem Technician) -- began research on finding nests and breeding locations. 
Thanks to our ecological assessment last spring we discovered 14 species at risk and two pairs of breeding Red-headed Woodpeckers. 14 species at risk in a single area creates a rare opportunity for conservation. Therefore, we have expanded the scope of the current project to cover more than just the Red-headed Woodpecker. We are also targeting the Golden-winged Warbler (Special Concern) and the Eastern Whippoorwill (Threatened).
The Bird Species at Risk Junior Scientist will work with community volunteers to assist us with monitoring these at-risk species!
Send Resume to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.