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9th Annual Biosphere Raffle 

The 9th Annual Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association Raffle was held on Nov 14th at 8:00 pm at the Municipality Office 56 Lindsay Rd 5 in Lions Head. 
The prizes this year were spectacular, with the grand prize of a $500 VISA gift card going to Pat Cameron from Dundas, Ontario . Second prize, a 48 X36" color print on canvas captured by Mike Campbell of the BPBA entitled Summers End (a scenic photo of Muskoka chairs against the rolling waves of Lake Huron) was won by Laurel Coo of Kingston, Ontario. Third prize, a limited edition color linocut by local artist Stuart Burgess called Raven's Eye went to Coosje Weber from Kitchener, Ontario. Fourth prize was a Meade Lighbridge Mini 114mm Telescope with which winner Jan Yost of St. Marys, Ontario, will now be able to enjoy the dark skies that we have on the Bruce Peninsula (some of the darkest in Ontario). Fifth prize is an original turquoise necklace, ring and earrings by Susan Skaith was won by Stephanie Wolfert from  Ottawa, Ontaro. Finally sixth prize is 2 Eco Adventure Tour Gift Certificates, went to Catherine Thorn of Toronto Ontario .
Thank you to everyone who participated in this raffle fund raiser to help with conservation on the Bruce Peninsula! 

Biosphere Association’s 2020 Fundraising Calendar 


Renowned photographer Ethan Meleg  partnered with the BPBA to produce a beautiful 2020 calendar.  All proceeds from calendar sales were used on Biosphere Association programs.


Asked about working with the BPBA for 2020, Ethan commented that “the Biosphere Association does hands-on work to protect peninsula ecosystems. They plant trees along streams, replant forests, remove invasive phragmites from wetlands and shorelines, monitor water quality and forest health, and they offer dark sky activities to inspire an appreciation of the star-filled skies we look up at”.


Ethan remarked that he approached BPBA about the calendar fundraiser for all of the above reasons. “ They're a hard-working group and they do important things to protect this amazing area. They're worth supporting or joining as a volunteer. “


A number of the striking photos in the calendar reflect the fragility of the bio diversity that draw people to the Bruce. Here is a sample - 

01JANBPNP Winter Grotto EMELEG A10I601602FEBWhitetailed Deer Odocoilus virginiana EMELEG EM 6756

03MARBPNP Winter IHCove area EMELEG A10I590905MAYScarlerTanager Piranga olivace EMELEG EM 6134

09SEPT and COVERFlowerpotIs FFNMP EMELEG 663710OCTWaterfall OS WeaversCk EMELEG 0103156



The Biosphere Association is deeply appreciative of Ethan’s collaboration and of the Tobermory Press in helping produce the calendar.