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Several local concerns were raised during the Conservation and Stewardship Plan community consultations hosted by the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association. The incursion of "Canada's worst invasive weed" that has started to appear on the Bruce Peninsula caught the attention of many residents.

Invasion of Common Reed (Phragmites australis)

Common Reed, or Phragmites australis, is a non-native, invasive plant that is causing severe damage to coastal and wetland ecosystems throughout the Great Lakes basin. In 2005, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada identified it as the nation’s “worst” invasive plant species. This highly aggressive plant has been reported in many areas on the Bruce Peninsula, forming dense stands in which few other plants or animals can survive and devastating some of our most valuable and rare ecosystems. Growing up to several metres in height, this invasive species can also have significant impacts on property value as it obscures our view and access to shorelines. More information about Common Reed can be found at:
Ontario Phragmites Working Group
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