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Experience the wonders of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula

Are you a curious explorer, looking to get off the beaten track? You're invited to join us on a half-day, one-day or three-day Eco-Adventure. Hike, bike or paddle in pristine waters and stunning scenery, AND at the same time gain an in-depth understanding of the natural wonders of the Northern Bruce Peninsula -- an ecological treasure chest.

Upcoming Offerings

Half-Day Eco-Adventure - Challenge yourself: Learn bush craft and orienteering in our lush forest and then search for geo-cached ecological gems as forest ecology comes to life.  

One-Day Eco-Adventure - Hike to your picture perfect picnic spot high on the cliffs above Georgian Bay's turquoise waters. explore an Alvar and go behind the scenes on a private visit to the  Bird Observatory [during migration season only].   

Three-Day Eco-Adventure for the Curious Explorer -  Discover ancient sea caves, star studded skies, globally rare alvars, 1000 year old trees. Enjoy a hike to Devil's Monument, a famous "flowerpot" and scout for rare wild orchids. Please join us for  7 guided adventures during this three-day in depth tour of the Bruce's natural treasures.  

Just three and half hours' drive from Toronto and Southwestern Ontario; this is your chance to enjoy guided adventures offered by the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, a registered charity. All proceeds to support our environmental conservation work.

The Biosphere

Part of a World Biosphere Reserve, the Bruce Peninsula has recently been cited by the Nature Conservancy of Canada as one of the most important places to protect IN ALL OF CANADA. Located in the heart of the Great Lakes on Lake Huron, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, “The Bruce” has:

  • The largest connected forest in Southern Ontario
  • Breathtaking cliffs and shorelines of Georgian Bay
  • Globally rare alvars, dunes and coastal wetlands and
  • Some of the darkest skies in Southern Ontario.

These natural landscapes are home to an incredible diversity of plants and animals, and support one of the highest concentrations of rare species in all of Canada. We have two national parks and many other protected places, and some of the most spectacular sections of the Bruce Trail.

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, a registered environmental charity invites you to participate in one of our Eco-Adventures. Come and enjoy your favorite activities like hiking, biking, paddling and swimming while, at the same time, discovering and learning about the Bruce's ecological treasures.

Proceeds from these Eco-Adventures will support the local conservation and sustainable development work of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association. For this reason, the venture is called a "Social Enterprise". 


Our adventures change with the seasons so that we can showcase the remarkable biodiversity as it changes.

Watch this website for a listing of future adventures, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request updates as new adventures become available. Half-day adventures are scheduled for June 10, 13, 20, 30 and July 4, 11, 18, 25 (Tuesdays from July 4th). One-day adventures are scheduled for July 6, 13, 20, 27 (on Thursdays).

Please let us know if you would be interested in an adventure that includes showing you some of our stream and wetland restoration work, or provides you with an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference through your personal efforts.

Eco-Adventures with a Difference

Integral to each outdoor adventure is the opportunity to learn from local experts to deepen not only your connection to this place, but also your ecological knowledge of the outdoors.

Our adventure program is designed and led by Sean Liipere and Rod Steinacher. Sean has over 10 years of experience at the Bruce Peninsula National Park and now manages the Biosphere Association’s conservation programs. Sean loves the Bruce Peninsula and is eager to share its many ecological secrets.

Rod spent his career as a science and outdoor education teacher and is an avid birder, astronomer and photographer. He has devoted countless volunteer hours to conservation on the Bruce.

Accommodation, etc.

A range of accommodation options is available from cottages to camping at our partner Summer House Park ( located on the sandy shore of Miller Lake. Please call (519) 377-5166 for more information about accommodation and a referral for our group rate.
Programs are subject to adjustment depending on weather and other circumstances beyond our control.


To register or for more information, please call Elizabeth Thorn, Volunteer Chair, Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association Board of Directors (519) 377-5166 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thursday 7:00 PM to Sunday, 12 Noon

  • Guided hiking adventures in small groups of up to 12 people
  • Local guide and other experts who will deepen your understanding of the Bruce Peninsula’s ecological treasures while exploring some of the Bruce Peninsula’s most spectacular places
  • Skill-building sessions on outdoor survival and stargazing
  • Meet and discover this UNESCO World Biosphere with like-minded men and women
  • Night hiking
  • Entrance fees and equipment included
  • Three meals on Friday and Saturday, Sunday breakfast, and gourmet snacks throughout the trip


Day One

  • Visit the Cabot Head Research Station [during migration season only] which is by invitation only, to meet scientist Dr. Stéphane Menu of the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory (BPBO) and experience banding of colourful warblers who travel thousands of miles. Your fee includes a donation to the BPBO
  • After hiking along the towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, enjoy a picnic lunch and marvel and learn about the 1000 year old trees, turquoise waters and glacial potholes on your way to the Devil’s Monument
  • Tread carefully through a globally rare alvar to be introduced to picture-perfect plants, including the Dwarf Lake Iris and Lakeside Daisy which are only found in the Great Lakes region.
  • Rest and relax before enjoying a group dinner and a free evening in the charming village of Tobermory

Day Two

  • Scramble through sculpted sea caves and learn about the fascinating geological history and karst topography of the Bruce
  • Learn bush craft and outdoor survival skills under the canopy of the Bruce Peninsula’s lush forests, and make your own bannock and other traditional foods over a campfire
  • Challenge yourself - learn and use orienteering skills to find the geo-cached ecological points of interest
  • In the evening, explore wilderness sounds and nocturnal phenomena on a night hike
  • Enjoy telescopic viewing of our star-studded skies, guided by a local astronomer and benefit from the wonderful star gazing opportunity created by the dark of the new moon

Day Three (half day)

  • Experience the rich coastal wetlands and sand dunes of the Bruce Peninsula’s west coast where wild orchids, carnivorous plants and other surprises await
  • Enjoy ice cream or another refreshment and linger on the sand beach as you talk of future adventures with the new friends you have made during this memory-making experience



Please call Elizabeth at (519) 377-5166 for more information on the next scheduled One-Day Adventure

  • [During spring migration] begins with a beautiful drive along the turquoise waters of the Georgian Bay shoreline and then a walk to the Cabot Head Research Station, which is by invitation only. There you will meet the station scientist, Dr. Stéphane Menu, who leads migration monitoring efforts for the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory ( Experience the wonder of spring bird migration with colourful warblers who travel thousands of miles to the Bruce stopping over to replenish themselves before heading on to their breeding grounds in the boreal forest. This is your chance to see wild birds close up and learn about bird banding and its important role in tracking song bird populations.
  • After hiking along the towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, enjoy a picnic lunch and marvel and learn about the 1000 year old trees, turquoise waters and glacial potholes on your way to the Devil’s Monument
  • Tread carefully through a globally rare alvar to be introduced to picture-perfect rare plants such as the Dwarf Lake Iris and Lakeside Daisy which are found oly in the Great Lakes Region.


  • In the forest, learn bush craft and outdoor survival skills, and make your lunch over a campfire
  • Challenge yourself- using traditional skills find the geo-cached ecological points of interest


For more details on any of the itineraries above, please call Elizabeth at 1 (519) 377-5166

The Eco-Adventures program is made possible through support from:
 Bruce Grey Simcoe     Gosling Foundation      Government of Ontario RTO7