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This project has provided a forum for community dialogue and learning, leading to a strategic, place-based action plan to protect, restore and benefit from our region’s biodiversity.
The Biosphere Association has received funding from Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation to promote recognition of the value of having a system of interconnected protected spaces on the Bruce Peninsula.
In 2012 we began the multi-year Six Streams Initiative to reduce phosphorus, nitrates, E.coli, oil and other undesirable elements entering our streams. We have several ambitious objectives...
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The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association's  projects and programs are made possible through the hard work of our staff and the generous contributions of volunteers and donors. Please click on the projects menu to read about our work.

We need volunteers like you to help ensure we have a vibrant and stustainable community in harmony with our unique natural environment. Please give us a call at (519) 377-5166 if you would like to volunteer or if you can make a donation to help with future projects!